Konadu Ambassadors: Celebrating Beautiful & Naturally Healthy Skin

Konadu body care is so excited to invite all friends and followers to join us in our next phase of growing and expanding our amazing brand. Imagine you and your friends getting together, sipping tea, coffee, or wine while munching on some tasty bites, great conversation in your living room, in the lunch room at the office, or after work, at a coffee shop, family gatherings, reunions, or at the park etc. Imagine learning about your skin, benefits of using products handmade with natural ingredients, benefits of different kinds of essential oils for your skin and well being in general. Imagine yourself as a Konadu Ambassador sharing with the people you love and care about Konadu Body Care Products while opening yourself to exciting and amazing possiblilities: free Konadu body Care products, great new friendships, business partners, very attractive commisions, and the joy of sharing a product you storngly believe in.

 Why Host "A Celebrating Healthy Skin" Class

There are so many reasons to host Konadu Body Care Healty Skin Party

  • Socialize and have fun discussing skincare products that nourishes and rejuvenates your mind, body, and soul
  • Create new, and lasting relationships by informing and helping others take care of their skin and discover new ways of living a complete lifstyle.
  • Promote and encourage living a healthy lifestyle and creating healthy skincare awarenss in your community
  • Earn free products and commission every time you host a class/event

How to Host a "Konadu Celebrating Healthy Skin" Class/Event

Hosting is very easy, and a lot of fun. all you have to do is invite your friends neighbors, coworkers, family members etc and anyone else youu can think of who will benefit from using our amazing Konadu Body Care Products and learning about our mission. Come up with a date and time, schedule your event by emailing your event to events@konadubodycare.com. You will be provided with sampling kit prior to the event so you can them available for people to try on the day of event.  We like our events to be typically short and sweet, lasting about an hour to an hour and half. It is a convenient and fun way to connect and share with others, earn free product for yourself and commision.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can become a Konadu Ambassador?

Anyone can become a Konadu ambassador, and host a Konadu Body Care Healthy Skin Class. You spend about 30-45 minutes watching a video on the products you already love, the benefits of the ingredients and various essential oils to your skin. One great thing is it takes a very short time to learn about ingredients and products, and even how to organize an event. It is fun a great way to meet new people in your community, or engage with old friends.

Where can I host my Healthy Skin Party?

You are free to host s konadu event in any location or space suitable for a meeting. While many people like to host events at their homes, other locations suitable my be at work in the luch room, or at group meetings or meetups, parks, coffee shops, yoga studios, and farmers markets etc. 

What foods and drinks can I have at my Healthy Skin Event?

We encourage you to put out some healthy snacks, cupcakes, fruits, veggies and drinks, . We want you to make your guest comfortble so whatever you see fit to serve to your guest will be good.

Do I have to have products on hand for my Healthy Skin Event?

Konadu Body Care will provide you with sample kits on the day of your event for you to put out for people to sample. We will also Include busines cards, brochures, or postcards. Attendees will be able to order products they are interested in after your prosentation.