Lavender Castile Soap

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Traditionally, Castile Soap was made with olive oil. It gets its name from the Castile region of Spain, known historically for soap making. In America, castile is referred to as any soap made primarily made with olive oil. These days, castile soap is also made with coconut, castor, hemp oils and other natural and organic oils.

Castile Liquid Soap is a safe, nontoxic, natural multi-purpose, multi-surface concentrated liquid soap. Its all natural ingredients including organic plant oils, makes it healthy to use on your body, and also good for the earth.  It is safe to use on our hands, body, hair and for cleaning a variety of surfaces including other household chores. 


Our Lavender Castile Soap is made with all natural ingredients. It smells so good and relaxing.

The Lavender Essential Oil: gives it an amazing soothing scent, that will leave your hands, body hair of your home smelling fantastic. A very clean, relaxing and refreshing scent. You will want more and more.

Organic Aloe Vera: Adds moisture to  this very versatile natural soap 

Coconut Oil: A great all natural carrier oil used in making all out soaps, very moisturizing and skin healing.

Jojoba Oil: A great carrier oil with anti inflammatory properties with a high content of vitamin E and B-complex. Soothes, moisturizes ad calm your skin.


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