Pure Rose Water

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Rose water is commonly used as a body mist or facial mist. It has a beautiful Bulgarian Rose scent, perfect for refreshing and cooling your face on a hot day. it is also perfect as a face cleanser and toner. You can also spray it on your body for a nice refreshing rose aroma. whatever you decide to use our rose water for, you are going to love it!

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Sherry 5th Jul 2020

Excellent Room Deodorizer/Air Freshener

I use this product as a room deodorizer/air freshener. I found that it neutralizes bad odors and leaves a nice natural scent that is not strong. I'm sensitive to some artificial scents, so the rose water is an excellent alternative.

Audrey 2nd Jun 2020

Refreshing and relaxing

This is my favorite Rose water. It smells divine, and the spray nozzle emits a super fine mist, It’s perfect for hot weather or relaxing/cooling off right before bed. Highly recommend!

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